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Pop Culture Fans Geek Out At DSBN FanCon

by User Not Found | May 08, 2023

Whether it is comics, collectibles, anime, gaming tournaments or tips from industry professionals, DSBN FanCon has something for every geek and nerd.

Greater Fort Erie Secondary School hosted the free event on Saturday and welcomed students as well as hundreds of pop-culture fans from the community.

The convention was an opportunity to gain experience first-hand from industry professionals about gaming, costuming, comics and movies.

“The goal of this event is to teach students about their hobbies, whether it is something like prop making (or) costuming and help students become better at the things they are interested in,” said Matt Vandervoet, the school’s library technician, who is one of the event’s organizers.

“Ultimately, the convention is geared towards learning and we can help students turn their passion into a possible profession in the future.”

Cosplayers like Bryanne Martin, cartoonist Lar DeSousa and props and costume creator Chris Warrilow were on hand to answer questions and participate in panels.

Martin expressed her excitement to be a judge of this year’s Masquerade Ball; a costume competition featuring handmade costumes from comic books, movies, Japanese animation, video games or any popular fandom.

The Fort Erie-born cosplayer has been designing costumes since 2015 and has participated in three panels: two at Toronto ComicCon and one with FanExpo Canada. She has competed in many competitions and took home an award from FanExpo Vancouver.

“It’s a lot of fun,” sid Martin, adding that making your own costumes takes time to learn.

“You try something and slowly build up your skills each time you make something.”

Local maker Chae Marouf was on hand selling crocheted toys, which included gaming, Pokémon and other popular characters.

Marouf said convention organizers encouraged her to become a vendor and she was happy to do it.

“I love seeing all the kids. It has been really good so far,” she said.


Author Jen Frankel came all the way from Hamilton to be part of DSBN FanCon.

“I love the idea of a convention being in a high school. I love connecting with the kids and talking about writing.”

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson is a reporter and photographer covering the communities of south Niagara for Niagara This Week in addition to contributing to Niagara Life Magazine. She's a lifelong Niagara resident and a graduate of Niagara College's Journalism-Print program. Find her on Twitter @s_ferguson25.

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