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Golfers To Soon Take A Seat At Bridgewater

by User Not Found | Nov 18, 2021

Golfers to soon take a seat at Bridgewater

Students, many of whom have now graduated, from the manufacturing program at Greater Fort Erie Secondary School try out three benches the class made for Bridgewater Country Club. From left are teacher Reuben Wells, students Colton Roth, Michael Hudson, Be

Golfers looking to take a quick break from their round, will have a few new spots to have a rest at Bridgewater Country Club.

That’s because three new benches, created during the 2020-21 school year by graduating students in Greater Fort Erie Secondary School’s Manufacturing program are set to be installed at the course. And in a year complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the benches were not completed until the summer.

“We got shut down a couple of times with COVID,” said manufacturing teacher Reuben Wells. “They did all the welding and grinding.”

The frames were painted and the wood seats and back were added in the summer, Wells said, adding that a couple of students helped over the break to get the benches ready.

“They take a lot of pride in their work,” Wells said.

While most of the work was completed during class time, most of the students had no problem doing some of the work on their own time after school.

“It kind of tells you their passion,” Wells said.

Rocco D’Amelio, head golf pro at Bridgewater said It wasn’t the first time a local high school has done work for the club. A similar project was taken on “years ago” by students at the old Fort Erie Secondary School.

“It’s fabulous to see the kids doing something like this,” D’Amelio said.

That first bench was installed in memory of Paul Fell, a teacher who was also a member at Bridgewater. The bench is located on the par-4, 410-yard 15th, which was Fell’s favourite.

“It’s full of colour all the time.” D’Amelio said.

He’s not sure where the new benches will be installed but added that it will be up to members to decide.

“I have a questionnaire I’ll be sending out to members and have them respond to where they want them to go.”

Wells, meanwhile, said he hopes students in his class may be able to do more in the future in other parts of Fort Erie.

“I’m hoping we can do more of this stuff,” he said.

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