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Pomegranate Moving to New Home

by Matthew Vandervoet | Jun 09, 2017

Fort Erie Secondary School teacher Afshin Keyvani, front, and his students are thankful for the many people who dined at the Pomegranate Restaurant and hope they will continue to visit when it reopens. Jason Haywood/Special to the Times

Afshin Keyvani has been charge of the Pomegranate Restaurant for the last 10 years but it was the students that kept it running, says the proud Fort Erie Secondary School teacher.

Last Wednesday was the final sitting at the critically-acclaimed eatery inside the local high school before it relocates to its new home, Greater Fort Erie Secondary School, in September.

Students enrolled in the hospitality program during school hours stay late at night to serve the public on Wednesday nights at the restaurant, but also cater to guests at several events in the community organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Fort Erie Arts Council and other groups.

The teens work extremely hard and the teacher is very proud of the many exceptional students he’s taught since 2008.

“If it wasn’t for them it never would have worked.”

He says it’s their commitment that has allowed them to succeed, pointing out 55 medals were won by his students in 10 years and many pursued culinary careers.

“They practise every skill, learn and get better,” he said.

Kevvani is also thankful of the many people who regularly patronized the Pomegranate Restaurant in the last decade, and hopes they will continue to enjoy it in its new home.

“We have a great crew for next year,” said Keyvani.

This experience has given the students skills in the hospitality industry that are essential for success in the real world. It also provides a fun, memorable, and educational experience, he said.