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Course Selection Information

Course Selections Are Now Open and Will Close February 15th!

How Do I Access Career Cruising?

  • Click on the D2L link
    E-learning Button
  • Log on to your D2L account using your DSBN username and password.
  • Click on External Tools at the top, than click the Career Crusing icon. 
  • You should arrive a a page that looks like this:
    Career Cruising 1
  • Click on "Choose My Courses".
  • You will now be on the "My Course Plan" page. This is where you will make your selections for the next school year.

How To Make My Course Selections:

  • For compulsory courses, click on the + and the appropriate grade level courses will appear. Make sure you choose the appropriate course code aligned with your preferred post-secondary destination.
  • In grade 9:
  • “D” level courses are Academic, “W” courses are De-streamed and lead to “U” level - University courses or “C” level - College courses in grades 11 and 12.
  • “K” level courses are Workplace and lead to “E” level - Workplace courses in grades 11 and 12.
  • In grade 10:
  • D level courses are Academic and lead to U level University courses in grades 11 and 12.
  • P level courses are Applied and lead to C level College courses in grades 11 and 12.
  • K level courses are Workplace and lead to E level Workplace courses in grades 11 and 12.
  • For elective courses, click on the + and leave the "Discipline" checked, in the drip menu click "Select". You will now see a breakdown of all courses offered organized by subject discipline.
    • O or Open level courses are available to students in any pathway.
  • All students MUST select 8 courses. For students entering grade 12 next year and wanting spares, timetables will be adjusted later through Guidance appointments in Spring or September.
  • It is important for current grades 10 and 11 students in particular to be mindful of the courses you are choosing. University and College programs have specific prerequisites. Please use the following websites:
  • For students interested in completing an SHSM in Environment, Hospitality and Tourism, Manufacturing, Health & Wellness, Information and Communications Technology or Transportation, you can click on the "SHSM" tab to learn more. Next you select your Major and Pathway and check the box "Let My Teacher Know I Am Interested In This SHSM".
  • Once you have selected your courses and your parents have reviewed your selections you may hit the "Submit" button and print your course request Sign Off sheet for your parents to sign. 
  • Print tab is the highlighted icon in the middle below the "My Progress" bar:
    Career Cruising 2
  • Once you hit Submit you are LOCKED, so make sure you only hit Submit once you are certain of your choices. To make changes afterwards you must schedule a guidance appointment.

Click Here to Visit Course Descriptions: